Holiday Snowflake in a Jar Centerpiece Idea

Snowflake in a Jar Centerpiece Craft Idea

Snowflake in a Jar Holiday Centerpiece DIY Craft Project

Here is a quick, easy, frugal (my friends hate when I say cheap) snowy winter DIY craft project that can grace your holiday table or buffet. Make a few of varying sizes and cluster them for greater impact.

glass jar with clamp lid (Garden Ridge stores have them at reasonable prices)
epsom salt (found at Target or any drug store) A carton is crazy inexpensive
white snowflake ornament – one which will fit into mouth of jar. Flake shown is painted wood ornament… found at Hobby Lobby

INSTRUCTIONS – Pour some epsom salt into the bottom of the glass jar. Allow the salt to fill 3/4 or 1 inch of the bottom. Take your ornament and hang it inside the jar, just touching the bottom. I clamped the snowflake ornament string loop in the jar lid, to keep it upright. Place it on your table & you’re done!

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1 Response to Holiday Snowflake in a Jar Centerpiece Idea

  1. M.Waqas says:

    Nice.. Thankyou very much..

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