Aluminum Can Art – CuttleBug Style

Do It Yourself – Textured aluminum can metal (done w/Cuttlebug machine)

If you own a CuttleBug (Provo Craft) machine or know someone who does, try this for inexpensive art materials. Carefully cut out the side piece from an aluminum can using scissors (discard the round piece at top & bottom). Careful of the sharp edges! What you want is the rectangular piece which was formerly the printed area of the can. Place the piece inside a Cuttlebug texture folder and run it through the machine. Frugal alternative to buying thin metal sheets at the craft supply store (small package of 4 inch square metal sheets was $10 last I checked…yikes!) Great recycle project to create beautiful textured metal pieces for a home-made DIY greeting card or embellishment. Sample below was pop-dotted onto folded cardstock and “thank you” message was computer generated (rubber stamps would work too).

Undersides of pieces show show original soda pop can labels.

Final “Thank You” card, using textured piece of aluminum can. Some extra postage may apply (since metal piece makes card rather rigid) so check for rates if you’re mailing card.

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