Hand Made Organza Fabric Flower – How To DIY Frugal Craft Project

Attention all flower child crafters. I tried these amazing, quick, easy organza flowers using the no-sew tutorial instructions on this site http://www.pompomemporium.com/content/how-make-fabric-flowers-organza with great success.

Home Made Organza Flower

Final Red Organza Beaded Flower

Cost of fabric  – only $1.67 for 1/3 yard of polyester organza fabric to make five flowers. They can be used for party decor, jewelry necklace,  bracelet or lapel pin, headband, refrigerator magnet, napkin ring or home decor craft. Perfect for a little princess Halloween costume or for decorating a birthday or holiday package! Deck out your pet and embellish a dog or cat collar.

Final Black Organza Flower

The process is to singe cut organza shapes and hold each with needle-nose pliers over a tea light candle so they singe and curl. Colors works best, as the singe marks on the fabric create a stunningly beautiful shades. Even better to use organza dyed in numerous shades of a color, for variation in color, as opposed to just one flat color. Samples here were single color organza. I glued shiny microbeads into center of flowers using Art Accentz  Shimmerz all-purpose iridescent glue, as opposed to sewing.

Organza Flowers Hand Made DIY

Red Organza Flower

Organza Flower Before Beads are Added

NEW SPIN-OFF IDEA – MINI ORGANZA FLOWERS! Try these mini organza flowers too. I made 15 and decided to sew them to an old black skirt (to make it all-new again). Use button & carpet thread, which is really tough, so you only need one thread loop per flower before tying it off at the back. When laundering, just wash in a lingerie bag to protect the garment, flowers beads.

make MINI ORGANZA FLOWERS craft fashion DIY project  Idea make home hand made skirt

MINI ORGANZA FLOWERS DIY craft project idea  wedding shower fashion embellishment

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Holiday Snowflake in a Jar Centerpiece Idea

Snowflake in a Jar Centerpiece Craft Idea

Snowflake in a Jar Holiday Centerpiece DIY Craft Project

Here is a quick, easy, frugal (my friends hate when I say cheap) snowy winter DIY craft project that can grace your holiday table or buffet. Make a few of varying sizes and cluster them for greater impact.

glass jar with clamp lid (Garden Ridge stores have them at reasonable prices)
epsom salt (found at Target or any drug store) A carton is crazy inexpensive
white snowflake ornament – one which will fit into mouth of jar. Flake shown is painted wood ornament… found at Hobby Lobby

INSTRUCTIONS – Pour some epsom salt into the bottom of the glass jar. Allow the salt to fill 3/4 or 1 inch of the bottom. Take your ornament and hang it inside the jar, just touching the bottom. I clamped the snowflake ornament string loop in the jar lid, to keep it upright. Place it on your table & you’re done!

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Sugar Cookie Ideas – Snowman – Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Crust

Melted Snowman Winter Holiday Cookies

Melted Snowman Sugar Cookies

Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookie for Fall Thanksgiving or Holiday Event

Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies

Our annual Cookie Exchange party required me to whip up 3 dozen cookies and I couldn’t decide between these two designs, so I ended up making both. Each is a sugar cookie, made from a store-bought mix and each had vanilla flavored frosting.  The rest was embellishment and basic cake decorating touches!

Sugar cookies baked according to mix directions. No cookie cutter needed here, as I just rolled the dough out and freehanded a melted snowman shape and cut with a butter knife. After the cookies were out of the oven and cooled, I frosted each with white frosting and decorated the cookies using the following ingredients:
Snowman head – malt ball (from Georgia Nut Company outlet store) Could also use a large gum ball or white marzipan ball.
Carrot nose – Gummy Lifesaver candy (orange) cut into a wedge
Eyes – Fudge frosting painted on with a small paintbrush
Buttons – Mini morsels by Nestle
Branch arms – Fudge frosting piped on in shape of branches (no fancy cake decorating kit needed – just use a plastic baggie and cut a tiny hole in the corner in place of a pastry bag)

Buy sugar cookie mix and make dough following directions on the package. Roll out dough. No need for a cookie cutter, just freehand a wedge-shape (you could use a paper template) and cut cookie shape out using a butter knife. Place on a cookie sheet and bake according to directions on package.

Once cookies are out of the oven and cooled, frost each with pumpkin color frosting. I used white vanilla frosting and some Wilton food coloring (mauve + yellow yielded a nice pumpkin pie color). Give the curved edge a dose of some extra frosting and place a few cut pecan pieces across the edge to give the appearance of a crust.

Top each wedge with a dollop of white frosting so the pie slice looks like it’s topped with whipped cream (I used Pillsbury Easy Frost frosting – shown in picture below – which comes with a built-in swirl cake decorating tip) . The perfect fall-winter dessert for the folks who don’t care for the taste of actual pumpkin pie. This cookie design is also perfect for a Thanksgiving holiday event.

Baking Supplies for Sugar Cookies

Cooking Project Supplies

Happy Holidays!

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FREE eCampaigns for your company or business

Need to send out an eCampaign but you don’t subscribe to a lustrous contact management or CRM Customer Relationship Management system? Give http://www.Vflyer.com a whirl and create professional, promotional eMarketing campaigns using their free and frugal templates. Utilize vFlyer to taut a company promotion, event, new product/service or advertise a home for sale or rent.

1. Register on their site  2. Create eFlyer (aka eCard, eInvitation)  3. Publish your vFlyer (this step makes it LIVE)   4. Proof it   5. Have a colleague or friend proof your flyer (I can’t stress this step enough)   6. Email flyer to your own email   7. Forward the flyer to the masses!

Just know that the “publish” step will make your flyer “online public.” Vflyer web site is also perfect for creating an attractive Craigs List posting. It’s one of the options listed in the publish section. If you’re inviting folks to an event and need an RSVP, use vFlyer in conjuction with Google Forms (see prior post on Google Forms) simply by creating the Google form first and using that link inside your vFlyer. Try it! You can’t beat the price.

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Aluminum Can Art – CuttleBug Style

Do It Yourself – Textured aluminum can metal (done w/Cuttlebug machine)

If you own a CuttleBug (Provo Craft) machine or know someone who does, try this for inexpensive art materials. Carefully cut out the side piece from an aluminum can using scissors (discard the round piece at top & bottom). Careful of the sharp edges! What you want is the rectangular piece which was formerly the printed area of the can. Place the piece inside a Cuttlebug texture folder and run it through the machine. Frugal alternative to buying thin metal sheets at the craft supply store (small package of 4 inch square metal sheets was $10 last I checked…yikes!) Great recycle project to create beautiful textured metal pieces for a home-made DIY greeting card or embellishment. Sample below was pop-dotted onto folded cardstock and “thank you” message was computer generated (rubber stamps would work too).

Undersides of pieces show show original soda pop can labels.

Final “Thank You” card, using textured piece of aluminum can. Some extra postage may apply (since metal piece makes card rather rigid) so check usps.com for rates if you’re mailing card.

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Design Marketing in Chicago www.ElegantArtForm.com

It’s not ultra glamorous (yet), but the new site is live http://www.ElegantArtForm.com Chicago – Marketing and Design for any Budget.

Explore the site and send me your feedback!

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Free, Easy, Online RSVP Form for Company Event

Gone are the days of having to be bombarded with e-mail replies for an upcoming event registration. Gone is the tedious work involved in copying and pasting each email reply to a kept spreadsheet. I love using gmail Google Doc FORMS for company event registrations (especially larger events). It serves as your party or event Sign-Up Form. Advantage over eVites? Read on. Questions can be as simple as, “Attending – Y  N” or you may create a more elaborate form, with open-ended questions.
1. Get yourself a gMail account (if you don’t already have one)
2. Log into gMail, click “Documents” link at top of page
3. Click the “Create New” button…select “Form” from that pull-down list
4. Give your form page a Title (and optional subtitle)
5. Set up form by creating questions (Y N, multiple choice) (mandatory question or non)
6. Save your form
7. Google provides you a convenient web link (see it at the bottom of the page), which you’ll copy/paste into your outgoing email invitation (eCard, eFlyer, web site promo page).

As folks view your invitation and click this sign-up form, each guest reply (RSVP) falls neatly and magically into a tied Google Docs spreadsheet (in your gMail account). Access this spreadsheet at any time, when you’re logged into gMail by clicking on the Documents link at top of the page. This spreadsheet is linked to your custom form and it updates itself each time anyone fills out the form. Need a headcount for who is attending so far? Pull up that event spreadsheet and you’ll know (in real time). You can even add your own columns to the spreadsheet (where you can record special notes such as cancellations, food allergy info or notes for your accounting department). If your boss wants to be notified of each sign up, you may either set him/her up to receive an email alert for every new registration or set up viewing/editing permission rights, for your boss, for that given spreadsheet (provided boss has a gMail account). If your event requires payment from each attendee, this might not be the ideal choice, but aside from that, it’s a fabulous, free online tool. Try one, you’ll love it!

Sample Event Sign-Up FORM:  https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHhraG1wc0owS0tjc2hjOXdjRVNBUFE6MQ
For the web savvy marketing professionals, Google provides you an embed code, so this form can be placed right in your web site or fancy e-invitation (fewer clicks). Many form design choices available…sample here is called, “Zen Spring.“

Note to brides: Create a gMail form for your wedding event RSVPs (there’s a Form design choice with a wedding cake background)!

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